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What Causes Scarring?

A scar is caused by the body's attempt to throw a quick patch over the site of a wound. The skin that your body produces to cover the damaged area looks and functions differently from the rest of your skin. Over time, your body will try to replace the temporary patch with skin that more closely matches the rest of your skin. Your body's ability to fade the scar with time depends on the size and type of the scar as well as personal factors including genetics, age, and skin health.

Sometimes the healing process is overzealous and creates red, raised scars known as hypertrophic scars. Sometimes, these scars can even grow beyond the boundaries of the original wound, in which case they are called keloid scars.

Scar Treatment Options

The best treatment option for your scar depends on the type of scar. Some scars are atrophic, or depressed, such as is commonly seen with acne scars. Acne scars and other atrophic scars can be improved tremendously by laser skin resurfacing, which stimulates your body to fill in under the scars with collagen. To learn more about Acne scars click here. We can also use injectable fillers to raise scars and give your skin a smooth appearance.

Hypertrophic scars can be treated with steroid injections that will diminish their appearance. Along with the natural reduction of the scar, this gives very good results. Keloid scars can be treated with steroid injections for a while. They will diminish, but not disappear. For further treatment, we utilize laser scar treatments that can further reduce the appearance of keloids.

Scar treatment is very sensitive. Scars result from a deviation in the normal healing process, and it's important to work with a doctor who understands which treatments will diminish scars and which might trigger new scars. At Bellissima Medical we can recommend the best scar treatment for your scar and your skin. We have access to the latest laser technology and other treatment tools helps us offer you the best treatment to meet your cosmetic goals.

The Angel Lift

The Angel Lift is a PRP treatment (using 'The Angel' machine to separate the platelets in the most effective way possible) followed by a fractional laser treatment. The laser treatment uses a narrow laser microbeam to remove columns of tissue in the deeper layers of skin. This micro injury encourages the body to heal the channel and to produce new collagen to improve the appearance of wrinkles, pesky fine lines, and even scars. A larger beam laser can be used to treat the top layer of skin to remove pigmentation and improve texture - the results of which are much more dramatic.

PRP and laser treatment make a good couple; while the PRP injections increase your body's ability to heal and rejuvenate, the laser treatment stimulates collagen production. They work together to get the best out of your body's own potential. Call or come by Bellissima Medical Aesthetics today to get more information about our package deals and special pricing for this groundbreaking procedure.